We raised our first foal in 1987.
I looked around for studs and found Flying X 6.
To this day I still like him as my ideal of a ranch horse. One man’s opinion.
Our program really started with the arrival of Karens Six Bee in 1990.
We had him for 25 years. We still miss him every spring when foals start coming.
We never worried about how his foals were going to be.
We are still raising foundation bred using horses out of home bred mares.
We have added a son of PG Dry Fire to our program.
I liked the mind on this horse. I think you will like his colts also.
I can’t ride anymore, but I would like to be the one to start these colts.
We try to raise good balanced colts with great minds.
A good mind is the first trait I look for in a stud.​