PG Slushwood 16 (Sold)

Super nice 2 yr. old dark grey pretty mare. Her mother is a granddaughter of  Drifts Chip, producer of  riders both in center of country and the northwest.  I would like to be riding this mare right now.  Don’t know what I was thinking when I named her. I guess I was thinking of her dam and the 110 mare who is also the dam of PG Six Bee. I’ll stand the cost to rename her, if you want to. 

This mare was started in a feed yard. She had a lot of exposure to the hustle and bustle of a feedlot. I think this is a good way to start colts. Every day they’re rode gives them so much to worry about that they forget to worry. There is something new around every corner. They learn much faster than just going around and being drilled on. 

Now she’s ready to learn her job. She has a good start on cattle and is ready to go on and learn what is needed of her.